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hope_in_sight's Journal

Hope in Sight
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Fandom auctions for a worthy cause!
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Welcome to Hope in Sight!
Hope in Sight is a fandom and general auction to raise funds for megmatthews20's eye surgery for her Marfan Syndrome.

Meg's experience with Marfan Syndrome in her own words:

I was born with Marfan Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder. The connective tissue in my body is weaker than the average person's, and therefore I was never allowed to play in sports or run because my aortic valve was dangerously prone to dissection. I will also never be able to deep sea dive or go sky diving or mountain climbing because people with Marfans are also prone to spontaneous pneumothorax (lung collapsing) and the risk is too great. I've learned to live with the health set-backs...

But I've always been particularly upset by the affect Marfans has had upon my eyes. The tissue in my eyes cannot hold the lenses in place like normal healthy eyes can, so my lenses float, moving every year, and drastically changing my vision. With my glasses on, the best I have ever been able to see is 20/40. I sit in the front of the class and am unable to read anything written on the blackboard or the overhead. I can't see more than a handful of stars in the sky even on the darkest night. And I can't tell that someone is waving at me from across the room...

I know that this has held me back in a lot of ways all of my life. I even had to take an extra year in grade school because of it. I want to change all that with a surgery that will give me the ability to see so much more with a clarity and precision that I've only ever dreamed about.

That is where the funds come in. I have already paid off my left eye surgery, but I need funds to pay off my right eye surgery, which will be at least $1525 dollars. I have no money this year. I spent the last three years working as a caregiver for my mom. I had to drop out of school this year to be around her full time when her cancer came roaring back with a vengeance. She passed away in October and my sister and I were left with no money and no life insurance. I just spent my last funds getting back into school.

What Can We Do?
Please offer your fic or other items up for bidding, and bid! You can offer fanfics, food, fuzzy slippers, recipes, art, whatever you like (within reason). Fanfics are especially preferred, as Meg is happily involved in fanfic communities. Any fandom and any rating can be offered. Slash, het and gen are equally enjoyable!

You can also leave a request for something you would be willing to buy. Use the same format as the 'Offer' entries, but tag your entry with request:(whatever item) instead of offer. (If you have questions about what any of that means, feel free to PM any of the mods.)

You can also help by promoting the auction and your offers on your flist and in your fandoms. Here is the code for the multi fandom banner:


Timeline and Instructions

NOV 25 - DEC 1, 12AM (EASTERN): Offers are going up! To make an offer:

1. Join the community via this page (link is in the top right corner).

2. Make a post with your offer. This post should include a description of what you're offering (with pictures, if you like), a way bidders can contact you, a method of delivering your offer, and a minimum bid. You may also include a buyout price if you wish.

For convenience, you can copy and paste this code into your post:

PLEASE NOTE: Your posts must be tagged so that they can be easily found. Required tags are: your (screen)name, "seller:name", a category for your offer (e.g. fic, vids, food), "item:category", and what fandoms you're offering (if relevant), "fandom:fandom". Please check existing tags to see if an applicable category tag has already been made before making a new one.

See the end of this profile section for a sample offer post with tags.

NOW! DEC 1, 12 AM (Eastern) - DEC 11, 11pm (Pacific): Offer posting ends, and bidding begins! To bid:

1. Leave a comment on the offer post with your bid. To outbid someone else, reply to the original bid comment so that the previous bidder will get a comment notification.


2. If there is a buyout price listed and you wish to bid that, comment on the offer post with 'Buy It Now' in your subject line. You may only do this if there are no other bids on the offer.

PLEASE NOTE: This community only accepts comments from signed-in Livejournal users to help avoid fraudulent bids. If you do not have a Livejournal account, or if you wish to remain quasi-anonymous in your bidding, new accounts and sockpuppet accounts can be easily made.

This post from Care Faith Hope has an excellent rundown of how to bid, and what to do when you've won the item.

DEC 12 and Onward: Make your payment and get in touch with your buyer/seller to arrange delivery of the offer. To pay:

Make your donation to meg_matthews_16@yahoo.com via Paypal. Once you have done so, comment on the offer post where you made your winning bid to confirm payment. This is on the honor system, and we trust you to be honorable.

On the "Review your payment and send" screen (get to it by "Send Money," putting in your address & the amount, and choosing "Personal" and "Gift"), you should see "Payment Method" in the middle of the screen. You can change it there if necessary. "Instant Transfer from [your bank account]" is fine, as is "eCheck" or "PayPal balance." It should default to Instant Transfer if you have a bank account with PayPal already.

NOTE ON PAYING: Please send the money via Paypal by means of a bank transfer, eCheck, or PayPal balance, because then there are no processing fees and no limits. We strongly discourage people from paying via Paypal with a credit card.

To contact your buyer/seller:

Buyers: Please use either the contact information provided in the offer post, or provide your own contact information, either by PMing your seller or by posting a comment to the offer post where you made your winning bid (you may of course delete this comment later).
Sellers: Please try to contact (by PM or another method) your buyers, too, rather than just waiting for them to contact you, and please make sure you have comment notifications enabled so that you know if your buyers post their own contact info.

And then Meg will be able to have the surgery that will finally allow her to see properly! =D

NOTE: Should the charity exceed the amount necessary for the eye surgeries, Meg will be setting the rest of the money aside in savings for any future Marfan related surgeries she may need.


Post Title: Offered: Fanfic

Offer: I will write one fanfic of no less than 1000 words in any of the following fandoms: Supernatural, Heroes, Doctor Who. I don't do non-con, but I am happy to write slash or het. I may write for other fandoms. Email me if you have any questions.

Contact Info: My email is in my user info.

Delivery Method: I will have your story written and e-mailed to you by February 1st.

Minimum Bid: $5.

Buy It Now: $50.

Tags: Item:fanfic, Seller:Megmatthews20, fandom:supernatural, fandom:Heroes, fandom:Dr Who

(Some elements and wording of this profile borrowed from care_faith_hope.)