November 25th, 2009

Offer : Baked Goods

Offer: I will bake you something yummy (your choice, please nothing complicated :D ) Just be sure that if you are indeed the winner, that you let me know what tasty treat to bake and send your way ASAP!


Delivery As soon as I know the winner, I will bake and send out the same day.

Minimum Bid $8

Offer: Tarot card readings

Offer: I will do a full Celtic Cross spread, photograph the layout, and provide an interpretation of no fewer than 400 words, tailored to whatever question you'd like to pose. I've been told I'm highly reliable!

Contact:, or just PM me.

Delivery: I will send you the photos and interpretation within one week of receiving your question or concern.

I will do as many of these as people will pay for! It's a pretty unlimited resource. ;D

Buy It Now: $15

Offer: Podfic

Offer: I will turn into a podfic any story of under 5000 words, or multiple short stories adding up to 5000 words. Any fandom, any rating, as long as you own the fic or you have written permission from the author for me to do it up.

My podfic can be found here, or you can download the shortest one directly here.


Delivery: Your podfic will be finalized by January 20th.

Minimum bid: $5.

I will do five of these, one for each of the five high bidders!
::film:: oh hai there you

Offer: Heroes Fic

Offer: One Heroes fic. ANY pairing you'd like. Pairings I've written before include Mohinder/Sylar, Peter/Nathan, Sylar/Claire, Claire/Mohinder, Mohinder/Adam, Elle/Claire, Elle/Mohinder, Peter/Sylar, Peter/Claire, Elle/Eden, Mohinder/Eden, Mohinder/Bennet, Peter/Elle, Sylar/Adam.

You can find my master fic list here for examples of my work

Any genre: AU, Future, PWP, Angst, Crack, Dark - just no non-con or extreme kink/BDSM or mpreg /kid fic please. Basically your wish is my command. xD

Minimum Word Count: 3,000


Delivery: No later then January 20th.

Minimum bid
: $5:00

Offer: Fanfic (Heroes)

Offer: One piece of Heroes fanfiction no less than 1500 words in length. I will write all types of pairings (het, slash, femslash, threesomes/moresomes) as well as gen. I am comfortable with all genres and ratings. I'll write you any genre you like: canon or AU, kinky porn or kiddy fluff, crack or angst, horror or tragedy, character-driven introspective drama or ensemble action fights! There is no character I won't write, and the only pairing I'm not really good at is Hiro/Ando and I know I'm also weak on Mylar. My squicks include mpreg, watersports, and most parent/child incest. My masterlist for Heroes is here, and if you have any questions about what I could write for you, just drop me a line.

Contact Info: or LJ PM.

Delivery Method: You'll have it by Feb. 1st. For fanfic I will usually post it on LJ, though I can also e-mail it to you with a Word doc or I could snail mail you a copy if you prefer.

Minumum Bid: $5
Buy It Now: $50

Offer: Fanfic (other)

Offer: One piece of fanfiction from any of my fandoms, or a crossover, or a sequel to a current fic on my masterlist, minimum 1500 words. My fandoms currently include Sky High, Heroes, Supernatural, Dollhouse, and Firefly, though I may consider others I'm familiar with (Criminal Minds, Fringe, nuStar Trek, etc, just ask!) I will write all types of pairings (het, slash, femslash, threesomes/moresomes) as well as gen. I am comfortable with all genres and ratings. I'll write you any genre you like: canon or AU, kinky porn or kiddy fluff, crack or angst, horror or tragedy, character-driven introspective drama or ensemble action fights! My full masterlist is here, and if you have any questions about what I could write for you, just drop me a line.

Contact Info: or LJ PM.

Delivery Method: You'll have it by Feb. 1st. For fanfic I will usually post it on LJ, though I can also e-mail it to you with a Word doc or I could snail mail you a copy if you prefer.

Minumum Bid: $5
Buy It Now: $50

Offer: Cookies and Candy Platter!

Offer: I will send you a variety of homemade cookies and candy, such as I make for my family and friends around Christmastime. The platter will include several each of The World's Greatest Gingersnaps, My Dad's Awesome Oatmeal Cookies (which could include any or all of the following, dried cranberries, dried cherries, raisins, coconut, chocolate chips, and walnuts, specify if you want!), Strawberry or Blackberry Jam Thumbprint Cookies, Hershey's Kiss Peanut Butter Cookies (which can alternately be made with caramel kisses), Exotic Spice Cookies with Crystalized Ginger and Rosewater, Homemade Peanut Brittle, Homemade Caramels, Kris Kringles (chocolate candy with coconut and pecans), Coconut Creme Macaroons, and Mint Truffle Brownie Cups. Each of these items will be made either by myself or my father, and the platter probably also include some store-bought candy for color and prettiness. Alternately, I will make you a single batch of any one of these items (with the exception of the macaroons, I'm short on extra ingredients for those).

Contact Info: or LJ PM.

Delivery Method: As soon as I have the cookies all done, probably not long after you buy me, I'll send them USPS or FedEx, depending on where they're going. And they'll probably be in tupperware or something rather than an actual platter, because they'll travel better that way! Let's try to keep this in the continental US unless you want to help me with shipping, because international shipping is hecka expensive!

Minumum Bid: $5
Pretty Litte Liars: Hanna sideways

Offered: Fanfic

Offer: I will write Heroes fanfic of no less than 1500 words for the top bidder. I primarily write slash of the filthy, dirty, kinky kind but I've been known to dabble in filthy, dirty, kinky het too. If gen turns your crank, I'll be more than willing to stretch for charity. The characters I usually write are Luke, Sylar, Mohinder, Elle, Peter/Gabriel (as twins), Matt and Lyle (with Luke only; I don't write Lyle/18+ character pairings).

If you'd like a character or pairing that I've never written before, or only written once or twice, please pm me before you bid to ensure your prompt is something I can deliver.

The only things I won't write are noncon, dubcon, marriage/babies/pregnancy and crack!fic, other than that, feel free to hit me with whatever prompt you'd like.

Check out my fic masterlist for the kinds of things I have written in the past.

Contact: LJ pm me @ my journal (perdiccas) and we can go from there.

Delivery: I have a couple of holiday exchange commitments at the moment, so while I'll try to have it done ASAP, I'm going to give myself until February 28th.

Minimum bid: $1

Buy It Now: $50
Pretty Litte Liars: Hanna sideways

Offered: Box of Mystery and Wonder!!!

Offer: Have you ever wanted to have a stranger send you a box of crap? No? Okay, let me start again.

Perdiccas' Box of Mystery and Wonder TM is a grab bag assortment of paperback books (fiction and non-fiction), DVDs (movies and TV), jewellery, bath products (posh ones like Lush! No slumming it in a Box of Mystery and Wonder!), handicrafts and edible delicacies from the ~*~Middle East~*~. And any other assorted flim flammery I can get my hands on to shove in the box.

Books, DVDs and jewellery will be 'gently used.' Bath products and foodstuffs will be new. Handicrafts will be home made. Assorted flim flammery is anyone's guess...

Note: DVDs are all Region 2. If you live outside of Region 2, let me know when you contact me and I will substitute with other things.

I will cover shipping to anywhere in the world for the top bidder.

Go on, bid. Aren't you curious to see what you'll get...?

Contact: LJ pm me @ my journal (perdiccas) and we can go from there.

Delivery: I'll take your box of delights to the post office the moment I get confirmation you've paid up. But, allowing for the vagaries of international shipping (especially over the Christmas period), please wait until January 31st before you get antsy about where it is.

Minimum bid: $1

Offered: Jewelry

Offer: Chandelier earrings handmade by me with silvertone findings and earwires, and czech glass beads of swirly blue and turquoise dangling from the bottom.


Delivery: I will send it within a few days of your winning bid, after that it depends on where you live.

Minimum bid: $8.00

Buy it now: $20.00


Offered: Fanfiction

Offer: One (1) fanfic of at least 1500 words in length. I will write any rating and am most familiar with slash and femmeslash; if you've got a kink you want worked into the story, I'm pretty easygoing and will provide a list of things I won't write on demand (it's a fairly short list).

Fandoms: Heroes (all seasons), Supernatural (all seasons), Doctor Who (Doctors Nine and Ten), Fringe (all seasons), Star Trek (nu!Trek, with a passable knowledge of TOS).

Contact Info:

Delivery Method: In an email, as an attached document, posted in LJ, however you want it (unless you want it wrapped in gilded muslin and shipped to you by camel, then we'll need to talk). Deadline for the fic is the end of February - I'll get it to you before then.

Minumum Bid: 7$

Buy It Now: 25$

Offered: Mixtapes

Offer: I will personally design three music mixes for the winner. The winner also gets to decide whether the mixes are for a piece of fanfic, a show, a pairing, or just for them (at which point I'll need to ask some questions so as to figure out what kind of music you'll like).

Fandoms: Heroes, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Fringe, Star Trek, X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Contact Info:

Delivery Method: I can either upload the mix to a site like mediafire or megaupload and provide the download links in a LJ post (locked or not is up to you) or a private email, or I can burn the songs to actual CDs and mail them to you, if you like your music oldschool.

Minumum Bid: 10$

Buy It Now: 30$
Firefly - River - Writing
  • neshel

Offered: Fanfiction

Offer: One fanfic of no less than 1000 words in length in any of the following fandoms: Heroes, Merlin, Firefly and Torchwood.

General restrictions: I will write gen, het or slash, but no pwps. I can promise anything up to an R rating, but I will only write NC-17 if it comes naturally to me. (I'm weird about that.) I can write a very hot R though. I might be open to more pairings then I list in individual fandoms, contact me to find out. Examples of my previous work can be found at tianafic

Heroes: Any characters for gen fic. Slash pairings include any combination of Sylar, Peter, Mohinder and Adam; Elle/Claire, Claire/Gretchen, Eden/Elle. Het includes non-cannon Sylar/Elle, Mohinder/Elle, Mohinder/Eden.

Merlin: Any characters for gen fic. Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Morgana. ... maybe an older Mordred with Merlin or Morgana.

Firefly: Gen fic featuring the whole crew or centered on River.

Torchwood: Gen fic featuring any main character except pre-zombie Owen. Jack/Ianto. (I'm willing to mix some New Who in there if requested.)

Contact Info: or LJ pm.

Delivery Method: Post to LJ or email by Feb 1st.

Minumum Bid: $5

Buy It Now: $50

Request: Vid


so .. I simply HAD to email Meg and ask if we might be able to put in requests for something that we would like to buy/pay for/win in an auction - and she happily replied that yes, she found that to be a great idea ;) So .. here goes:

I would like to buy immediately/bid on (whatever the preference of the person offering it) a series of 3 slash vids with a story-line the plot for which I have had plot-bunnying around my brain for a while now. Since I have no clue how to even start a vid project much less have the material for actually making such a video, I would love to collaborate with an experienced vidder. I figured that such a charity event as this might be the perfect place to find someone willing to work with me on such a project.

The fandom we are looking at is TOS Star Trek including the movies as well as Nu!Trek, and it would be a K/S-pairing. Like I said, there is a coherent 'plot' to the vids which would be 3 chapters to a story. The vidder would need to provide the scene material and especially their expertise, and would need to be willing to talk the plot bunny through with me to see what we can come up with. The vids can afterwards be made available for general viewing pleasure on youtube or .. a better medium, if you know of such a place, but I would also like to be able and download it for myself to 'own'.

Happy .. offering, I guess *chuckles* And feel free to contact me for further specification if something is totally unclear :)
Character: River

Offer: Holiday Baking

Offer: Holiday baking! I'll send you an assortment of tasty homemade baked goods. This will include butter tarts, shortbread cookies, ginger snaps, and holiday-themed sugar cookies. Or, if there's something else you'd prefer, I can switch/add most anything.

Contact Info: PM me to start, and we'll go from there.

Delivery Method: I'll have it in the mail by December 15th (or sooner, if somebody buys this out), but please remember that I'm in Canada and shipping might take a few days to other countries.

Minumum Bid: $5

Buy It Now: $50
Character: River

Requests OK, Too

Some people have been asking about making requests for stuff to bid on, so we've decided to add that option.

To make a request, simply make a post using roughly the same format as for an offer. Including a bid you're willing to make is optional. To fill a request, make an offer post with that item, then comment on the request post to let that user know you are willing to create what they want. Please remember that bidding/buying doesn't start until December 1st, though. Also, please double-check that what you're requesting hasn't already been offered (and you may want to wait a couple of days to see if it gets offered).

A new category of tags has been added for requests: "request:category". Please make sure you use this category of tag on your request post, as well as any applicable fandom tag(s). Also, while we're on the topic of tags, please help us keep them organized. We understand that some fandoms include many subfandoms, such as Star Trek, but just one fandom tag per fandom will almost always do. If you feel you need to be more specific than that, please include that information in the description of your offer.

Oh, and, also, RPF has been given its own item tag, regardless of fandom.
holly glasses
  • aurilly

Request: Import/Export Service

(I hope I'm doing this right or that this one is doable)

Request: Do you live across the pond? I would love to have a few things mailed to me that I can't get in the states. Like my Clement Faugier chestnut puree. Or Dr. Oetker Schoko Museli. Or Dark Chocolate Hobnobs. Or Polo mints. Or Christmas crackers. Or a Petit Bateau teeshirt that only costs 11 euros rather than the $40 you pay here. That sort of thing. I wouldn't ask for anything expensive---just a few cheap things like the ones listed, varying by where you live---and you could totally send it via slow and cheap mail. Or you could even tell me about the awesome things that are available only in your town that I might love, and I could try a couple of those!
Misha DJ

Offered: Fanfiction

Offer: The top bidder gets one piece of fanfiction of not less that 1500 words in length, for any of the fandoms listed below.

So I haven't written anything for ages, but I am willing to dust off the old fingers and get to typing. I generally write porn, so if there's a porny itch you need to scratch, now's your chance! I can also write romance, action/adventure, AU and anything inbetween. I mainly write slash, but have been known to write het and gen too. If in doubt, pm me and ask.

Here's my masterlist if you want examples of my work.

I don't do non-con, dub-con, kids, death fic, pregnancy or mpreg. I don't normally write crack (except for that one time) but I'll give it a go. If you want to watch me fail dismally trying to be funny, now's your only chance!!

FandomsHeroes (seasons 1-3), Supernatural (all seasons), Being Human, Life on Mars, Torchwood, Flight of the Conchords (non-slash) and hell I'll even try Queer as Folk (US)

Contact Info: pm me @ carmexgirl, and we'll go from there. Also pm me if you have anything specific you want to ask about what I can offer.

Delivery Method: You'll get your fic via email. The fic will be written by the end of February.

Minumum Bid:$1
Dita pink feathers

Offered: Carmexgirl's Beauty Box of Gorgeousness!

Offer: To the highest bidder: They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder...and with this box there isn't a person in the world who won't think you're anything less than sensational.

Carmexgirl's Beauty Box of Gorgeousness is just that. Experience a box of glitter, glamour and everything inbetween, designed to brighten your day and make you feel fabulous. You'll get an assortment of eyeshadows, including my absolute favourite and now strictly limited edition shade; hair and body glitter, essential lip and cheek stain, lipgloss, and a whole host of things I absolutely can't do without. I'll also put in bath items, glam shower stuff and even a vial of my favourite (and now limited edition) perfume! All designed to make you look and feel wonderful. It'll be the perfect pick-me-up. If that's not enough, I'll throw in a bag of lemon sherbets too. Bargain!

"No way would I have bagged my man without CG's Box of delights!" - V. Beckham*

"I was dowdy old Heather Sweet until Carmexgirl sorted me out."- D von Teese*

Everything in the box will be brand new; there will be nothing used. And all makeup will NOT have been tested on animals. Humans maybe.

Contact Info: pm me @ carmexgirl and we'll go from there.

Delivery Method:I will ship anywhere in the world, and will cover all postage costs. Though I will post as soon as I get confirmation of payment, given recent Royal Mail strikes, please wait until February 1 before querying delivery.

Minumum Bid:$1

*May not be actual testimonials
Finn Jones

Offered : Fanfic

Offer: Fanfiction

I will write the following characters, in any scenario you wish, and in any combination (even crossover).

Heroes : Sylar, Nathan,Mohinder, Peter, Lyle, Luke, West, Zack, Noah

Star Trek : Chekov, Spock, Kirk, McCoy, Sulu

RPS : Zach Quinto, Chris Pine, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, Dan Byrd, Chris Colfer

Glee : Kurt, Puck, Finn, Will Schuster

Word Count: No less than 1500 words.

Contact Info:

Delivery Method: By email or on LJ

Minumum Bid: $5

Buy It Now: $20
Gabe Can Do That

Offer: Fic

Offer: One fic of no less than 1500 words, no more than 5000 words, or can be broken up into smaller drabble if you wish. I will write from the following fandoms and relationships:

Heroes: Mohinder/Sylar, Mohinder/Elle, Mohinder/Sylar/Elle, Sylar/Luke, Mohinder/Luke
Star Trek: Garak/Bashir, Worf/Riker, Worf/Troi, Worf/Troi/Riker, Spock/McCoy, Spock/Uhura, Archer/T'Pol, Archer/Shran, T'pol/Hoshi
Doctor Who: Nine/Rose, Nine/Mickey, Ten/Martha, Ten/Mickey; Doctor (Nine or Ten), Rose, Martha, Donna, Mickey frienship.
Animorphs: Jake, Tobias, Ax, Marco frienship

Examples of my writing

Genre: I'm pretty handy with crack, romance, angst, character introspective, and AU. Not that much at action-adventure, horror, mystery.
Rating: G-NC17
Restrictions: Pregnancy or mpreg/fempreg, kidfic, threesomes/moresomes sex scenes or at least nothing too detailed (too many bodies to take into account!), death fic, water sports, guro, vore, noncon (I can try dubcon).

Contact Info: blossommorphine [at] hotmail [dot] com, or pm me here.
Delivery Method: I can have it done by March 1st, and will either email you the attached document or post on LJ, as you request.
Minumum Bid: $5
Buy It Now: $50

Offered: Fanart

Offer: I will draw you one (possibly more, we'll see how the bidding goes!) digital piece of fanart containing 1-5 characters from any of the following fandoms: Heroes, Supernatural, True Blood, or possibly another fandom that I am familiar with as I'm here to please and open to negotiation! Slash, Het, Gen all acceptable and I will draw ANY pairing and crossovers are also welcome.
Take a look at my deviantart gallery for examples on the styles I offer!
My Deviantart
Contact Info: iluvbsbkevin[at]gmail[dot]com
Delivery Method: I'll email you the finished piece in several sizes no later than January 30th
Minumum Bid: $1

Offered: fanfic (+ possible fanmix)

Offer: I will write a fanfic of no less than 1500 words in any of the following fandoms: Lost, Supernatural, the Dark Tower series, Good Omens. Any crossover between said fandoms is a go, too. I have some other fandoms (Firefly, Pushing Daisies, Heroes) which I'm not exactly familiar with in fic-terms, but I could work with those too for a crossover if we talk about it. ;) My master fic list is here; I haven't updated it in some time but it's representative. If you wish, I could make a fanmix/ep to go along with the story, too.

General restrictions: I'll write slash, het or gen without problems, even if I'm more of a slash person. The only things I will not write are non-con (I could try dub-con though), m-preg, and death fics. I'm okay with any rating and I can write up to an NC17 one (even if if you want BSDM I'm probably not the best choice; I can do PWP and a long/detailed sex scene though). I'm good at AUs, angst and crack stuff, but I'll try anything within my comfort zone. Which is probably, everything I didn't say I won't write. Also, regarding pairings, I'll write threesomes, too.

Lost: I'll write any pairing except Jack/Kate, Sawyer/Kate and Sawyer/Juliet and any character except Ben or Locke. For the rest, I'll have a go at anything/anyone else.

Supernatural: for gen, I'll write any character except Bela and Meg; for slash, my main ship is Dean/Castiel and that's the one I write best, but I'll try anything as long as it isn't John slashed with either Dean or Sam or Dean/Alastair. For het, I'll try anything as long as it isn't Sam/Ruby, but for SPN I really am better at slash.

Good Omens: gen, I'll try anything. Couples, I'd really rather have Aziraphale/Crowley because it's the only one I sort of wrote in that fandom.

For the Dark Tower, I'll take anything except incest-y pairings.

Contact Info: send me an e-mail at You can also PM me (janie_tangerine) but I tend not to check there often so I'd rather have the e-mail.

Delivery Method: In the next months I'll have school stuff going on so I'll say I'll have your fic done by March 1st at latest. I can either e-mail it to you or post it to LJ.

Minumum Bid: $5

Buy It Now: $50

Offer: Jewelry

Offer: A matching set of necklace and bracelet, pink and gold with heart-shaped toggle clasps. Glass beads, crystals, pearls, and shell beads were used to make them.


Delivery: It'll be in the mail the day after you make your payment. Unless it's a weekend, then it'll be in the mail on Monday. :)

Minimum bid: $10.00

Buy it now: $45.00

Offered: Fiction

Offer: I will write any fiction (within reason: no pedophilia/scat, only respectful bdsm), for any fandom (even those I have no experience in). I will write gen/het/slash/multiple. I will also write original fiction if you wish, but I will require a prompt of some sort. Length will vary by winning bid. $100 will win you a four chapter plus story of my personal favorite pairing or crossover with complementary song choice.

Any winning bid over 30 dollars will automatically also receive a song to accompany the fiction, sung by yours truly and linked via youtube.

Fandoms Expertise: BtVS (Angel/Xander), Supernatural (Dean/Cas) (Jensen/Jared), QaF (US) (Ben/Michael), CSI: Las Vegas (Nick/Greg), Torchwood (Jack/Ianto) (Ianto/Tosh), Oz (Beecher/Keller) (Keller/Riley), X-Men (Logan/Scott), Fight Club (Tyler/"Jack"), Glee (Rachel/Puck)

Contact Info: private message on livejournal, emails to be relayed later

Delivery Method: Your story/song will be finished by March 1st (most likely before) and either posted via livejournal,, or to your email.

Minimum Bid: $5.

Buy It Now: $50.