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I was going to suggest doing another charity through this community to help those in Japan, but I understand a lot of people have already donated/offered things through help_japan and don't really have the time/energy/money to do it again right away.

So I'm asking that people take a little time out of their days to do something free and incredibly meaningful for the children of Japan.

Write a note of comfort for a kid in Japan.
The notes will be translated and given to children over there who could really use the encouragement in this harrowing time. And it doesn't cost us a cent, just a few moments of thought and some kind words.

Please write, and spread the word!

Hello, everyone!

It's been a year and some change since I've had my right eye surgery, and I wanted to come on here and say a very big thank you! Thank you so much to everyone who helped me raise the funds for my surgery.

My vision is a complete 180 degrees from what it used to be. My quality of life is better than it has ever been, and you helped with that!

I wanted to also point out that there is a wonderful auction/charity going on at help_japan if you don't already know. A plethora of amazing stories and items to bid on. Please check it out if you haven't already, because people in Japan could use our help.

And again, thank you. Words could never express just how grateful I am for what you've done for me. :)

mod post!!!

First off, happy weekend everyone!!! Hope all is going well!

I wanted to apologize for not sending out letters of thanks like I was going to. I still have the cards and everything, I just got caught up with moving and enjoying the heck out of my new eyes and my new life! (My world is a complete 180 of awesome from last year at this time :)

I also wanted to propose a round-up post! Actually, this was Perdicca's brilliant idea.

Please feel free to post here in the comments, links to fics or pics that you bought or received as a gift or pics of the pretty pretty items you got. Then I'll try to catalog them for easy viewing so everyone can revel in the splendor this auction had to offer.

In the meantime, ILU all!!!
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Hi everyone!

It's been a few months since our wildly successful auction. If you've been following Sarina's progress, you'll know that surgery on both eyes was a success. We can't thank you all enough for making that happen.

We know that not everyone has received what they paid for yet. There was no hard and fast deadline; that is something to be worked out between buyer and seller. But we'd like to ask ALL SELLERS WHO HAVEN'T FULFILLED THEIR OBLIGATIONS TO PLEASE CONTACT THEIR BUYERS WITH A PROGRESS UPDATE. No one wants to have to nag to find out where the fic or fanmix or whatever they bought is, so please take the initiative and let them know roughly when you'll be coming through for them.

BUYERS: If you're having trouble contacting your seller, please leave a comment (comments are screened) telling us who your seller was, what they were selling and what contact info you have for them. We can attempt to contact them on your behalf.


My second surgery was a total success!!!! I'm now seeing better than I have ever seen in my entire life! I want to thank each and every person who participated in this! You've changed my life!!!!

As of today, I've donated $15 to to support animals in Haiti. I donated $25 dollars to The American Humane Association, also to support animals in Haiti. And I donated $10 to Mercy Corp (Haiti).

Again, I cannot thank everyone enough! If you could all see the wonder on my face every time I step outside my door and look upon the world with totally new vision, I'm sure you'd be amused. It's amazing! So very very amazing! I cannot even describe how much the world has changed for me!

When I looked up at the stars last night, for the very first time in my life, I could see that they were actually twinkling! It took my breath away! I had never ever seen that before! (I could barely see the stars before )

cheers here's to all of you for making me the happiest, luckiest person ever!!!

Mod Post: Updates and a poll

Hey there! I wanted to give a HUUUUUGE thanks to everyone for all the effort and money you've put into this! We made $2200 dollars!! Far and above what I was expecting when I started out!

Therefore I want to pose a question for you. I want to donate $50 from hope_in_sight to a Haiti related charity after the recent devastation caused by the earthquake. Since you have all helped me get this money, I would like your opinion. I'm really interested in donating to a charity that will help the animals of Haiti, including injured and lost pets, and the livestock that is the livelihood for so many Haitians. You can read about the charity here.

Poll #1512437 Helping Haiti

The money should go to

American Human Society Emergency Services Program
Another program to be listed in comments and voted on later
As long as it's helping Haiti, it's fine by me

Also, if you have an iphone or a mytouch, please go to and download the app for free to get points that you can donate toward helping injured animals.

I would also like to happily inform you that my left eye is doing very well (my prescription went from 20/1200 ro 20/30!!!!!), and I will be going in for my right eye surgery next Wednesday!!! :)

And if you're having any problems with the auction, please contact me or one of the other mods so we can work on sorting it out.

cheers and thanks to everyone! <33333

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A question came up regarding donations. If you wanted to make donations to via paypal, it would be greatly appreciated!! At this point, barring any unforeseen incidents, it appears that hope_in_sight has made more than enough to fully cover my right eye surgery! I don't have words enough to express my appreciation for all your kindness and generosity!

Any leftover money will go into a CD for future Marfan related problems (aka, if I ever need more surgery).

Again, please let me show my appreciation by leaving your name and address at this post so that I can send a thank you card!

My first surgery is tomorrow! I'm very excited! I'll try to talk my sister into live-blogging it from my lj, megmatthews20.

Thank you all so very very much!


A couple of things!

For verification purposes, please leave your name in this post and how much you paid and what you paid for so that I can check it against what's in my paypal account and assure the seller that you have paid in full if they ask. :)

Comments are screened so that you don't have to worry about everyone knowing your name.

Also, please do me a huge favor and leave a comment in this post with your name and address so that I can send you a thank you card when all is said and done! Comments are screened there also to protect your personal info. Whether you bought something, sold something, or even just put something up for auction, I'd like to thank you for your time and effort!

I'm going to be leaving posts about how my operations go (including how much I HATE the eyedrops! ;) unlocked on my livejournal, megmatthews20, so feel free to check it out and see the progress I've made with all of your help and generosity!

Cheers and <3's to all!!!!
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Attention, Buyers and Sellers!

During my attempts to sort out a couple of small snafus with the auction, it has come to my attention that some of you do not allow PMs from people who aren't on your friends list. Since many of you also have f-locked journals, this makes it somewhat difficult to contact you, especially if you have comment notifications turned off (or since LJ has been having notification issues lately). So, please, IF YOU OFFERED OR WON AN AUCTION ITEM, MAKE SURE YOU CAN BE CONTACTED BY PRIVATE MESSAGE! This includes PMs from the mods of this comm. It will make everybody's life easier. =)

ETA: This can be done by going to the Edit Profile page. Under "Contact Info," set your LJ User Messaging privacy level to "Registered Users."